The BS6004 standard was last updated in 2000 and covers the construction of cables for electric power, lighting and internal wiring projects. This includes a whole range of different cable specifications from single core PVC-insulated, non-sheathed general purpose cables (450/750V) and single core and twisted twin PVC-insulated, non-sheathed cables for internal wiring (300/500V) to single core, flat twin and 3-core PVC-insulated, PVC sheathed cables with a circuit protective conductor (300/500V) and single core PVC-insulated, non-sheathed cables for installation at low temperatures (450/750V).

The following electrical cables comply with the BS6004 specification:


6381Y Cable to BS6004

6381Y Cable is a flexible power cable designed for DC power supply on telecoms equipment. This single core BS6004 cable has a class 5 plain copper conductor, PVC insulation and a flame retardant PVC sheath. The sheath and insulation come in a whole range of colours including Blue sheath, (Blue insulation); Grey, (Grey); Green/Yellow, (Green/Yellow); and Brown, (Brown). 6381Y BS6004 Cable can be clipped directly to walls or used on a cable tray and is also referred to as DC Telecom Cable, Power Cable, PVC Flex, and DC Power Cable. More information on 6381Y.




2491X Flexible Cable to BS6004

With its class 5 flexible plain copper conductors and PVC insulation, this 2491X Cable is used in the switch control, relay and instrumentation panels of power switchgear, and the internal connectors in rectifier equipment, motor starters and controllers. Its PVC insulation is manufactured in a number of different colours – Black, Blue, Green/Yellow, Red, Yellow, White, Violet, Brown, Grey, Orange and Pink. The harmonised codes for 2491X BS6004 Cable are H05V-K and H07V-K. H05V-K covers 2491X Cable with a voltage rating of 300/500V and H07V-K refers to those with a rating of 450/750V.




6181Y Double Insulated Wiring Cable to BS6004

This BS6004 domestic and light industrial wiring cable is suitable for fixed installation in dry and damp areas. 6181Y Cables have copper conductors (class 1 solid for cables from 1.5 to 2.5mm² and class 2 stranded for 4 to 25mm²), PVC or XLPE insulation and a grey PVC sheath. If the BS6004 cable has a layer of XLPE insulation, however, it is referred to as 6181XY Cable or Tail Cable.




6491X Cable to BS6004

BS6004 6491X Cable is designed for conduits and fixed, protected installations. This single core conduit wiring cable has a class 2 stranded plain copper conductor and PVC insulation, which is produced in a number of colours – Red, Black, Blue, Yellow, Brown, White, Green/Yellow and Grey. The harmonised codes for this BS6004 cable are H07V-R – and H07V-U for a class 1 solid conductor.